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Motivating you to become the best version of yourself

On Stage, Ed's message is quite clear. With his years of expertise in public speaking, his talks are riveting, inspirational and yet very personal. Join him on this journey to becoming the best you that you can possibly be.

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Self portrait of Ed Ridenbaugh

About Ed

Ed Ridenbaugh is a highly regarded motivational Keynote speaker who is known for his outstanding wit, humor, and his ability to make his audience feel something. From growing up in the projects in Windham, Ohio, Ed knows what it is like to struggle and come from having nothing.

Trying to figure this thing out called life was a huge struggle for Ed, as he had to face the fact at an early age that he was gay but would never be able to admit to it for years for fear of retaliation and rejection by those closest to him including his family.

Struggling with his identity, he married Barb in his early twenties and out of that marriage came two wonderful daughters, Arianna and Devin. As he grew older, he found himself battling depression, anxiety and at times suicidal thoughts. He finally came to the realization that for him to be happy he needed to face his truth, and today he lives his life the way it was intended to be lived. 

Ed is also the owner and CEO of All County Professional Limousine, a Private Car and Limousine service, also the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Gorant Candies of Warren a family-owned chocolate company known for their gourmet and hand crafted chocolates and last but not least he is the owner and CEO of The Ridenbaugh Group, a motivational speaking organization based in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

His interests are many, from being a competitive professional dancer, (YES he still dances professionally to this day), to drinking his wine, you will always see Ed on the move looking for the next big thing. Be sure to catch him at a speaking engagement in your area. 


Talk Topics

So You Have Hit Rock Bottom, Now What?

This one hour keynote will keep you on the edge of your seats as we divulge into the necessary steps in getting your life back on track.


From falling into a bottomless pit with no other way but up, this lecture is both, compelling, tear jerking but above all motivating as we take this journey together to get you energized to living your best life.

motivational speaker presenting his lecture to audience

Empowering Today's Youth to become tomorrow's leaders.

Everyday life can become very difficult for today's youth and understanding the obstacles they must overcome presents many challenges as social media plays a very influential part in the type of adults they will become.

In this one hour lecture our youth will develop skills to help them overcome the day to day peer pressures of being a teen in order to become tomorrow's leaders.


Ed shares his real life experiences and wit with his students in order for them to understand that actions have consequences and doing the right thing makes them a better human being.


Surviving Corporate Change

Large corporations make changes every single day. It is how you implement those changes that will determine the outcome with your staff.


This one hour talk is designed to teach today's corporate leaders how to effectively communicate those changes for an outcome that is beneficial for both the business and employees. A truly riveting and eye opening experience!

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self portrait of Ed Ridenbaugh

Fail Your Way To Success

Experiencing any kind of failure in life can be absolutely devastating. Multiple failures in life can even become catastrophic. This lecture explores why failures in life are so important for us in order to achieve any type of success in life or in business. By the end of this lecture, you will be provided with tools and resources to help you work towards enjoying future success. So, we all need to live each day to the fullest and it begins TODAY!

Ed's Testimonials

Absolutely captivating from beginning to end. Ed speaks from the heart with so much emotion you cannot help but sit on the edge of your seat. His lectures are both riveting and mind blowing, but above all he speaks with passion. I highly recommend him for your event, it will definitely be an experience you will not forget. 

Cindy Labuda
"A Walk In The Dark"



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